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¿What is Inspirado?

Inspirado is the new blog engine project. Written in PHP, it uses MySQL databases. With Inspirado bloggers can control all the aspects the blog. Inspirado also support Plugins, which can be uploaded and automatically installed from administration panel, like designs and widgets, no ftp needed. Inspirado has many more features, and this project is just starting!

[News] Inspirado: Hello world!

Feb 2, 2000

Inspirado's first release is available to download from downloads page, hosted at Sourceforge. The application is stable, with no known issues, and a very large TODO list. One of those things are translations to other languages, Inspirado's administration panel is actually translated to english and spanish, if you speak another language and want to cooperate with the project, you are welcome! Just contact me at the project mail: Or publish a new topic at forums. That's all, all cooperations are welcome: ideas, suggestions, code, all!